26 - 29 November, 2017
Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait

Dr. Ayad Y. Aldaijy

Director General
Strategic Consultancy Services Office, Ministry of Environment
Dr. Ayad Aldaijy is an Adviser and Chief Information Officer with Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia. He is a senior IT and executive leader, and a subject matter expert in cyber-security. He has a wealth of 27+ years of experience in leadership and advisory roles in reputable local and global organizations. Dr. Aldaijy has successfully delivered transformational mission critical systems for many public sector organizations. He led and engaged with Strategic Planning, Cyber Security, Organizational Transformation Solutions, Digital Transformation, IT Governance, Drive Smarter Technology, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, PMO, Teaching and Coaching, Shared Services, Knowledge Management, Change Strategies, Research and Analysis. Dr. Aldaijy played a key role in the continued development of the Ministry, serving as an integral and strategic member of its senior management team. He was primarily responsible for the management of the Ministry’s present and future information & communication technology services position, and building a strong and capable team to support the Ministry’s vision to achieve sustainability of environment and natural resources, ensure water security, contribute to achieving food security, and improve quality of life in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

9:00 AM Addressing a conceptual model to strengthen cyber security and protect critical infrastructure

©  Identifying growing threat of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure
©  Illustrating the importance of effective information sharing and intelligence
©  Bridging the cyber-security gap: A conceptual model for improving cyber security protection

11:00 AM Panel discussion: Combatting cyber attacks and risks of data loss

  • Discussing best practices for protecting sensitive information and strategies in place for combatting cyber risks
  • Assessing current security programs and discussing measures taken post a cyber attack

12:30 PM Developing a clear value proposition

Discuss why investing in such solutions are important given the market situation and how operators can benefit from such investments. Also discuss the risks and opportunities digital technology possesses and share best practices and knowhow on value creation by these solutions.

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